Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Thankful

I know Thanksgiving was last week, but I can't help but overflow with thankfulness today.  We had our first re-check of Ainsley's EEG this morning, and a meeting with her neurologists this afternoon.  We KNEW deep down in our parent hearts that she was improving daily, but it is so great to be affirmed via concrete evidence.  The doctors are very encouraged with her progress.  The EEG was 60-75% improved from two weeks ago.  So, this evening, I am thankful for:

  • an almighty God who, though it is not always the case that He does, has the ability to heal our bodies.
  • a mountain of prayer warriors lifting up our baby girl.  Seriously, you are many and appreciated.
  • family members that have been so supportive during this crazy difficult month.  I cannot imagine going through this without them.
  • our pediatrician who, unlike so many terrifying accounts of Infantile Spasms that I have read, did not belittle my worries and write them off as reflux, colic, or startle reflexes.  In IS, time befor treatment begins makes a HUGE difference, and we lost no time.
  • having a pediatrician in the family to answer my questions and question Ainsley's doctors herself.  There were questions regarding the drugs to use, and she helped researched and consulted until our minds were at peace.
  • a pair of chiropractors who are willing to come into the office on the weekend, on Thanksgiving, EVERY DAY to help support my baby girl back to health.  We are using every tool available to us to attack this thing, and supporting her body naturally through chiropractic care, diet, and oils is a big part of that.
  • a community of friends who have brought meals and cared for my kids.  They made it possible for me to focus on Ainsley and not have my family go unfed or neglected.
  • one friend in particular who handled a fundraiser that I had planned in another city, driving there for the weekend by herself, for a friend of mine that she didn't even know.  Love my friends.
We will continue with her current treatment plan and have another EEG the first week of January.  We are praying that the hypsarrythmia is completely cleared by then.
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