Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip to Mobile

A few weeks ago, I went down to Mobile to visit my parents for a whole week. My mom and I had ambitious plans to make drapes for my dining room, which we amazingly accomplished. She had taken a few drapery classes, and I volunteered to be her guinea pig. They turned out beautifully! I'll have to post a pic after I get them hung.

Also, my Grandma Rosalie decided to give me her sewing machine while I was down there, which was a wonderful surprise. My good friend Stephanie and I have been dabbling in a new business venture of making tote bags and baby items, like personalized burp cloths and onesies. (Visit our Buttons, Etc. blog here--although you should probably check back in a few weeks, as I have a lot of updating to do on it). I know Steph is glad that I have my own machine, too; sharing hers was getting crazy! My Grandma Rosalie's machine sews wonderfully. She bought it 21 years ago, and probably has used it a dozen times, so it is in great shape. I am so excited to have it!

Another highlight of the trip was having my 4 month old niece, Anna Grace, for two hours on Saturday. My sister-in-law Michelle had come to Mobile with a group of ladies from her church in Louisiana to attend a women's retreat that my parents' church was hosting. We stole Anna Grace during the lunch break, took her home, and took 85 pictures of her in about 30 minutes. She is so cute! She looks so much like her brother, Joshua, that it's almost scary. Quite the little chunk.

All in all, it was a great (although not-so-relaxing) vacation!
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