Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fifth Birthday, Luisa!

"How old are you, Lu?"

"FIVE??? Well, how in the world did that happen?"

She is 100% sweetness (well, maybe 95% sweetness and 5% mischievous cunning).  She is growing up entirely too fast.  She is SUPER tall with awfully long legs.  Her personality is even bigger.

Luisa has been becoming more and more independent this past year.  She usually wants to get dressed, navigate the stairs, brush her teeth, and accomplish lots of other daily tasks on her own.  She still flashes that signature smile quite often.  You know the one; it can wrap just about anyone around her finger.  Oh, but she knows how to push Caroline's buttons.  She is super sweet and gentle with Ainsley.  She helps out so much with taking care of her baby sister.

For her birthday, she chose to go to Build A Bear with Caroline (Ainsley, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Grumpa tagged along as well).  They each designed a stuffed animal and chose accessories for them.

Afterward, we had a few friends and family members over for an ice cream sundae bar.  It was a wonderful day celebrating our LuLu and the joy she brings us all.

Filling her bear up with cuddly stuffing

Combing her zebra, Martina

Sweet friends

This poor baby constantly gets her face squished with kisses from her sister

Luisa and Molly, her new best bud


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