Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Party

(This is a month overdue, but I'm putting it out there anyway...)

We had C's birthday party at my parents' house on Lake Logan-Martin. It was a great time of celebrating this past year of having her here with us! It's hard to remember what life was like before we were three...

My friend Bethany helped me decorate the cakes for the party. I am fairly creative, but cake decorating is just something I've never really gotten into. I think I like it! We made on BIG cupcake and several smaller (though still bigger then normal-sized) cupcakes. I LOVE buttercream icing...yum. :) They turned out even better than I had hoped.

Of course there were presents...

At her one year check-up, she weighed 17 lbs 11.5 oz. Still hangin' in at the 5th percentile! What a little munchkin she is. Who would've thought Philip and I would have such an itty bitty thing? One upside is that we've gotten a LOT of wear out of her baby clothes since she stays in one size for so long. :)

Some things about Caroline at one year (so I can scrapbook it all after the dissertation is done):

-She finally learned at 11.5 months to roll over. Being a reflux baby, she didn't spend much time flat on the floor, and just never had realized that she could!

-She is a GREAT sleeper. She had been sleeping through the night since 8 months, but was SUCH an early riser (usually 5:30 am). Since she learned to roll, she has been sleeping until 7:30! I think the ability to roll over and sleep on her belly was the turning point. :) She naps twice a day for 1.5-2 hrs each, and goes down for the night by 8:00.

-She is a GREAT eater. She doesn't love her veggies, but tolerates them until she realizes there is something else better to be had. We try to start lunch and dinner with a veggie before we reveal any other food. She does love anything dairy and all fruits. She does NOT like to be fed, however, and wants to feed herself.

-She LOVES her paci...a battle to be fought after the dissertation is complete.

-She is so close to walking, and can stand for 5 seconds or so on her own.

-She is definitely very musical, and has a distinct twitch (which we call her dancing) when any music comes on. It's a head-to-the-shoulder twitch, and she also does it when she someone first walks into a room, when she sees a toy she loves, or when you hand her her sippy.

-She LOVES her sippy! Weaning has been easier than I thought it would be, and we are almost done breastfeeding, which I am both happy and sad about.

-She loves books. She will sit one the floor and "read" for quite awhile, turning page after page, book after book. She also loves dolls; she will hug and pat them. So maternal. :)

Such a sweet baby! We love you, little girl!

One Year Old!!

Our sweet Caroline turned one year old last weekend! This year has really flown by. I'll put up the pictures from her party soon, but here are some photos that Stephanie took of Caroline at Aldridge Gardens. She truly does beautiful work!

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