Thursday, January 17, 2013


While Cali, Colombia enjoyed some temps in the 80s today, our little Colombiana got to experience her first snow fall. This is a rare treat for our area in the deep South (but not unheard of). I can't say that Luisa loved it, but then I'm not too fond of the cold, wet stuff myself. It's nice to have it for an afternoon, though. And hot chocolate after playing in it is always welcome.

It started falling while we are at a friends' house playing, so we ventured out with the kiddos to let them see some fall.  No accumulation quite yet.

We came home for nap, and then the snow really began to fall.  We got a couple of inches while they slept, and they awoke to find Daddy home and ready to play outside.

Our snowman
The Ryle gals
She took a few hits...
but gave as good as she got.
"I want a snowball, too!"

We finally convinced her to get down and play in it.
And, just for kicks, a look back at the last time we had snow here (February 2010):

Ollie and Caroline

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10 Years!

January marked 10 years since this little family began.

December 2012

We had an awesome time celebrating Christmas as a family of four (although another round of morning sickness took me down for the actual week of Christmas). Luisa loved joining in on the decorating, hot cocoa drinking, baking, and crafting that went on here this year.

On the morning of Christmas eve, we began by reading the Christmas story from the Jesus Storybook Bible (best kids' Bible ever). We had cocoa and then let the girls open their gifts. After playing for a bit, we got dressed and headed to Pensacola to spend a few days with Nana and Grumpa.

This was Luisa's first trip to Pensacola, and she did well on the car ride down. She got car sick about five miles from our destination. So close! We had a fun few days with the grandparents, which included Luisa's first meeting with her great-grandparents, a trip to Chuck E Cheese, and lots of playing.

Next year should be even more fun, with another baby in the mix. :)

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November 2012 Part II

{Doing a bit of back-blogging, since there seems to be no time to scrapbook or make photo books these days.} We got to celebrate a sweet friend's third birthday, which included a visit from a real fire truck. The kids had a blast climbing all over it and pretending to drive.


We gathered at my parents' house for Thanksgiving. Luisa got to meet her Uncle Matt, Aunt Amanda, and cousin Huck for the first time. It was also our first attempt to spend a night away from home, and it went over fairly well.

The girls love Uncle Matt
Caroline playing the role of Mommy (which Huck looks a bit unsure about).
"I want to touch the ceiling!"
Sweet sisters
(though most of the pictures look like this...
...or this)
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