Thursday, September 9, 2010


Our sweet Caroline turned two years old last month. This is such a fun age! She is finally talking more and more. She has such a maternal spirit and loves to feed and diaper her dolls, take them for walks in her stroller, and prop them up beside her at the table. She also loves music, and her current favorites include, "We are the Dinosaurs" by Laurie Berkner and "The Popcorn Song" by BNL. Her favorite show by far is Tigger and Pooh ("Eeyore!"). She and Daddy spend a lot of time each day reading book after book; she loves "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".

We had a blast at her party celebrating with family and friends. My dad and I built her a play kitchen, with a lot of last minute help from Auntie Erin, and it turned out absolutely fabulous! It makes me want to remodel mine. Stephanie and I had more fun arranging the pots and play food than two grown women should have. We were practically pushing the kiddos at the party out of the way so we could play.

Checking out her new kitchen.

"Here, kids, go play..."

"On second thought, we can do it better!"

She's taking orders! Who wants ice cream?

Your turn for cake is coming up soon, Cooper!
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