Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our News!

Well, if you haven't heard yet, we're pregnant! Just shy of twelve weeks. So here's the story...

As you know, we decided last March to begin the process of adopting an infant from Colombia. Well, this summer, as we were busily taking part in the adoption paper chase, we were informed that the process in Colombia has lengthened to 30 months from dossier approval. That meant that we would probably not be referred a child until the latter part of 2010. While we were still convinced that this adoption was part of God's plan for the Ryle family, we realized that He had now given us an opportunity to add another child to our family! So, after contacting our social worker first to make sure that this pregnancy would not hinder or change the adoption, we decided to go for it! Now we are expecting our first child July 31, and an adopted sibling a couple of years later. It is such a blessing to know that we have two children on the way.

As for where we stand in the adoption process...some of our paperwork had expired, and we are currently updating it now. We were re-fingerprinted (for the fourth time) in December, and now we need to see the MD so he can sign a letter that says we are "physically able to adopt." Then, after we get all of the paperwork apostilled in Montgomery, we can send it on down to Colombia for translation and hopefully approval shortly after that! (It should take a couple of months, unless they ask for more information from us). Once we are approved, we are officially on the waiting list, and our 30 month wait begins. Yippee!
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