Monday, January 26, 2009

Talking and Spitting

Caroline has become (OK, always has been) a very vocal little creature. She loves to sit and chat with you or with her toys. She has recently perfected the art of blowing raspberries, which is baby talk for spitting all over you. For those of you who know Philip well, you can imagine how pleased he is with this new trick of hers. I sure think it's cute, though! Gotta love it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sitting up

Our little girl thinks that she is just getting so big now! She started sitting up by herself while we were in KY for New Year's. It's opened up a whole new world during playtime! :) Now if only she would just learn to roll over... Oh, well. She'll get there soon enough! We don't want her growing up too fast (and definitely don't want her walking at 8 months like her Daddy...yikes!).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's

We traveled to Cecilia, Kentucky to my brother's house for New Year's. They moved back to Kentucky right before Caroline was born, and we had yet to visit them at their new home. It is always such a beautiful drive! And we only go through one large city (Nashville), so traffic isn't bad. We had a good time visiting with his family and my parents. We ate a lot of yummy food (Rob is an EXCELLENT cook) and played a lot of Blokus, a great strategy board game. There was also a Wii bowling tournament, which Rob won, just barely beating Joshua. It was a great trip, even though we had been hoping for snow while we were there! Maybe next year!

Philip holding a swaddled, sleeping Caroline

Joshua tickling his baby cousin

Laura Beth making us some yummy chocolate covered pretzels

Our sweet niece Anna

Friday, January 9, 2009


In five years of marriage, this was our FIRST Christmas to celebrate in our own home. It was wonderful! Philip's parents and grandparents came up for a few days, and my parents joined us as well for Christmas dinner. Caroline loved having all of the extra people around to spoil, I mean, hold her! And Philip was able to accomplish his biggest goal, getting his Mom, Dad, Grandmama, AND Grandaddy to play Wii Fit. We have photographic evidence! :)

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