Monday, March 11, 2013

A Big Week

Last week was chock full of big stuff happening for Luisa.

Six months ago
  • It was our six month anniversary of her joining our family.  This may not seem big in her eyes, but it was fun for us to look back and see how far we have come in terms of bonding and attachment in the past six months! 
  • We made the switch to BGPs (big girl panties) this week!  Luisa had been doing well with going potty when we take her, but had not been "asking" to go.  We learned the sign for potty a few weeks ago in Speech Therapy and have been using it consistently every time we took her.  Well, it seemed to finally click, and now she asks to go every half hour or so (the novelty of asking has apparently not yet worn off). 
  • Luisa and Caroline spent the night at Mimi and Pop's house, which was Lu's first overnight trip without a parent there.  It helps that Mimi and Pop are two of her favorite people!
  • I picked up Luisa's new walker.  We have had a loaner on and off from UCP, but this is her VERY OWN.  As of now she is not too interested in using it.  It is simply so much easier for her to crawl that to expend the amount of energy it takes for her to walk using it. We are hoping that maybe some embellishments to the plain ol' silver walker and maybe some incentives will make the process more appealing.
  • Our favorite discovery this past week was that of an adaptive bike hidden in the back of the PT's closet.  (We have a fabulous PT with very enticing toys that frequently tempt both Luisa and Caroline into cooperating with her goals.)  Luisa tried it for the last 10 minutes or so of PT and LOVED it.  It was quite difficult extricating her from it, actually.  We loved it so much that we filled out an order form for one before we left, and we were able to take the loaner bike home in the meantime to practice with.

Caroline and Luisa had a ball riding their bikes this weekend.  We just happened to have two days of beautiful weather and a pretty free weekend to hang out and play.  By the end of the weekend, she was able to pedal it both down our street and back up on her own (even with the slight incline of our road). 


Renee Hatcer said...

How exciting you all of you as she has found this new freedom for her and a great way to recreate! Love adapted stuff!

Christine said...

You rock! What a great week! Hooray for Luisa for graduating to big girl panties! You know this will be easier on you one day...even if it is harder on you know since you are helping her every 30 minutes. And hooray for you that you got one night break! I am sure you need it even though you probably missed them by the time you picked them up!

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