Thursday, May 15, 2008

On The List!

I heard from our adoption agency this morning, and we received approval from ICBF (the Colombian children's welfare agency) on April 29th! So, we are officially on THE LIST. Our approximately 30 month wait begins now. Praise God that they didn't ask for any more info from us, as they have been doing of most families lately! We're one step closer to Caroline's little brother or sister! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Philip!

For Philip's 30th, I surprised him with a weekend in Atlanta. He has been wanting to go to the Georgia Aquarium since he heard that they had whale sharks there. He has been fascinated with this particular fish since childhood, and wanted to see one in person! So I kidnapped him from his parking garage at work on Friday afternoon, and off we went. We also visited the World of Coca-Cola, which he had never visited. For any of you that know Philip at all, you know that he is quite the Coke drinker, so he enjoyed his visit there as well. He tried all of the 64 soft drinks in the Tasting Room, and had a bit of a tummy ache after. :) It was a great weekend! It was wonderful for the two of us to get away together one last time before we become three!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

27 weeks

This is me at 27 weeks. The belly is growing! I failed my 1 hour glucose test last week, but thankfully passed the three hour test yesterday. Yea! Everything is going along well.

This week is exam week, and then I am done! :) I had decided at the beginning of the semester to play a game with my students. I decided to never tell them that I was pregnant, and to wait and see how long it took for one of them to be gutsy enough to ask. Well, no one ever asked. Now, I know I never ask ANYONE if they are pregnant, even if it is extremely obvious. And I am their instructor, with complete control over their grade in the course. So I guess I can understand their hesitation, but come on! I even walked around the classroom while lecturing, rubbing my belly all the while. Oh, well. The game ended up being no fun.

Anyway, not too much else going on in the Ryle household right now. We'll keep you updated!
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