Monday, August 9, 2010

Congratulations, Matt and Amanda!

My big brother Matt, his girlfriend Amanda, and Amanda's family (parents, sister, and brother-in-law) came up to the lake for a visit the last weekend in July. I guess we should've known something was up, but Matt surprised us all when he let us in on his plan to propose! He wanted us ALL to go out on the boat at sunset so he could pop the question. (All 11 of us. On a boat that holds a maximum of 12 "average-sized" 150 lb people. Not sure if you've met my family, but we aren't exactly "average".)

Everyone except for Amanda and her mom, Mrs. Jane, were in on the secret. :) He asked my dad to stop the boat so we could get a picture of the sunset, and had Amanda open the camera bag where the ring was waiting. So sweet! It was the first engagement I've been privy to (other than my own, of course).

Congratulations, Matt and Amanda! We are so excited for you two!

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, boating, tubing, and rock-wall-diving (though I didn't partake in the last!).

My two peas in a pod... Callie has become such a Daddy's girl lately.

Caroline and "May" (Mimi)

Chillin' with Uncle Matt

Someone showed her the boat's horn...

Jumpin' to Aunt Amanda

Matt and Scooter on the tube... it took us awhile to plane off the boat :)

Scooter's going for it!
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