Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She's quite the talker...

How cute is that?

Hello to all the faithful that continue to check my blog despite the sparsity of the posts. :) Let me update you on what's been going on in our lives...

Caroline is growing and changing too quickly! Slow down, baby girl! She started laughing this past week, first only at Philip, but I eventually got her too as well. The only thing that has made her laugh so far is beat boxing. It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Emma will only laugh at Baby Got Back! Oh, well. It's cute nonetheless. I've yet to capture it on video, but hopefully will one day soon.

She absolutely loves her exersaucer. This girl likes to sit up where she can see what is going on. She also likes her vibrating rain forest bouncy seat, but doesn't like her swing! What baby doesn't like a swing? Now, she'll sleep REALLY well in her swing, but she has to be already swaddled and asleep before you put her in it. Otherwise, she just fusses right away. And she doesn't like her car seat, either. She MAY sit in it when it's on a grocery cart at the store, but I usually end up having to take her out by the end of the trip. She's mostly OK if you are moving, but that means you have to shop without stopping. Plan out your grocery list in the order that the items appear on the shelf! Keep moving! Hope no one gets in the way! Especially those people who seem to have all day to consider the many types of cereal available, or if they want two cans of soup or three. And then there is the meltdown at the checkout counter. Thankfully the employees at Publix are very gracious, and will often unload my buggy for me while I hold her. They actually recognize her now! I thought that the upside of the pumpkin seat was that you could leave them in it and tote them around more easily. I should just bite the bullet and put her in the Bjorn when we shop!

Here's Callie in her Halloween costume. What a cute punkin'!

And here are Caroline and Auntie Erin enjoying a football Saturday. Caroline is mesmerized by anything on TV, especially colorful, action-packed football games.

This is the only nap she has even taken not swaddled or in someone's arms, and it lasted all of 20 minutes. Cute, though! I've never seen her asleep without looking like a cocoon! All of the grandparents call it her straight jacket, and want us to stop with all the swaddling. :) If they want to come hold her for all of her naps and all night, go right ahead! I am just thankful that I have a baby that sleeps through the night (usually)!

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