Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tea Party!

My little Callie is such a girl. Most of the little friends that we get together with are boys, and she puts up with their cars, trains, and tractors, but she loves to do girlie stuff the most. She loves to cook, both in her own kitchen and in mine. She is always bringing Philip or me a plate or cup, saying, "Here ya go! It's ____ (water, coffee, ice cream, apple soup, etc.)."

Our newest imaginative play is Tea Party. Unfortunately, she pronounces party as "potty", so I had to insist that she add the "Tea". Otherwise, I hear, "Mommy! Play potty with me!" :) Those invited to the tea party differ daily, although they always include Mia (her CPK) and me. Today she also threw in Tigger, Hippo, and a toy poodle. We sit, sip tea, munch on goodies, rinse, repeat. So much fun! I am loving this stage.

I adore the felt food that I made as part of her birthday present. It is so fun to browse Etsy for ideas like this one.

Of course, after I brought out my camera to document the oodles of cuteness, she had to find hers and snap a few as well.

And I just threw this one in because, well, she's so darn cute!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

October Fun

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the colors, the flavors. In my opinion, pumpkin should be in our lives for more months of the year. :) We had a lot of fun in October, including a visit to the pumpkin patch.

We also had our Sunday school class over for a social. We had a "jump jump" that kept the kids entertained for hours. With the exception of it throwing the breaker at one point and subsequently collapsing on a dozen or so screaming kids, they had a blast. Philip and Caroline also enjoyed having it for a few hours before everyone arrived! I didn't get a headcount, but I think there were about 20 preschoolers here at one time, along with a few older kids and of course the parents. When you have three sets of twins and a set of triplets in your class, it starts to add up fast! :)

We also got to go to Trunk or Treat at our church. It had to be moved indoors for weather, and it was CROWDED! Thankfully our little girl doesn't yet realize that you are supposed to get oodles of candy for Halloween. She was quite pleased with the single fun size bag of M&M's we got. :) She was Gretel, and her friend Ollie was Hansel:

We also had Caroline's class party at school. She loved showing us her room and introducing us to her friends. She has really opened up a lot since starting MDO.

Even though fall is officially over, I'll end with my new favorite pumpkin recipe: Pumpkin Fluff Dip. So easy and so yummy!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

High Falls

In October, my parents and we ventured out for a day trip to High Falls in a nearby county. Supposedly a good spot for a picnic, we picked a day with great weather and headed that way. We were surprised to find a dry creek bed where the Falls usually are. Apparently the drought was worse than we realized. It was actually quite beautiful to see, and we were able to walk right up the the edge of the precipice and look around. We didn't get too close, though, like the man in this article did two weeks later. Oops.

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