Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ainsley Kate

7 lbs 12 oz
21 inches

The Ryle family has grown in numbers again! Our newest blessing, the cause of what I thought was altitude sickness during our last week in Bogota last September, made her appearance on May 28th.

Four days past my due date, after an uneventful and pretty easy pregnancy, followed by an uneventful and pretty easy four hour labor, we got to see her beautiful face. She has been such a joy!

Simultaneously adopting and conceiving was not our plan. The past nine months have been an emotional roller coaster!  This wild ride began with two lines on a pregnancy test in Bogota (that we had to use our pocket translator to request from the pharmacy). It then proceeded to shock and denial, which lasted approximately the first two trimesters. The final trimester was filled with days where my thoughts oscillated between the following: "Oh, my goodness, we really have another baby coming soon. How in the world are we going to run this circus?" and "It'll be fine. We'll do what we have to because, well, we'll have to." (The majority of those days, my thoughts leaned toward the former.)

Thankfully Ainsley seems to have a very laid back personality, and her big sisters absolutely adore her.  The circus has been running relatively smoothly since her arrival.  What's one more act, anyway?  We can always use another clown around here.  

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