Saturday, October 23, 2010


After we celebrated Caroline's second birthday early in the month, we had a busy
rest of the month! We were able to visit with lots of friends and family to wrap up the summer. (I know that this was a while ago, but since this blog serves in a record keeping capacity that my brain does not function well enough to perform, I'll post it anyway.)

Philip and I took Callie to the McWane Center for her birthday. Yes, she is a genius and can tell you her age through illumination. :) Or maybe I did that and was trying my best to finish before she could mess it up!

The following weekend we went down to Pensacola for a friend's wedding. We got to spend time with Philip's family. Caroline had a blast dancing at the wedding! It was a quick trip, but we enjoyed getting to meet Philip's brother Daniel's girlfriend, Joy.

The next weekend was our annual Suitey reunion, this year held at my parents' house on Logan Martin Lake. The three gals and I have been best friends since rooming together in college. We try to get together at least once a year, but have been fortunate enough to be together quite a few times this past year due to marriages and babies! :) This was the first time we were all four gathered with all four of our husbands. We had such a blast reconnecting, playing on the lake, holding babies, and of course eating too much. We had to teach a few of them what scuppernongs are and how to eat them (surprising, as we are all from the deep South). Caroline likes to eat them skin, seeds, and all!

Shawn and Liz in the tube

Ava stylin' in her boating gear

Bethany and Matt

Little girls tubing with Shawn

Complete silliness

Me, Philip, Liz, Shawn, Erin, Bill, Bethany, Matt

The classic "stairstep" pose!

A few other random occurences around our house:

Caroline LOVES playing mommy, and prefers real babies to dolls. :) Poor Cooper doesn't stand a chance of a moment's peace with her around!

She also like to "help" me cook. Here we are making my FAVORITE banana bread. Her job (which was always mine as a little girl) was to mash the bananas. I had to make sure we had an extra on hand, as these are one of her favorite snacks!

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