Monday, January 6, 2014

EEG Tomorrow

I am so incredibly anxious for tomorrow to be here.  Waiting while not knowing what is going on in her tiny brain is not so much fun.  BUT we have seen vast improvements over the past month!

Ainsley is now 7 1/2 months old.  She has become more interactive and more vocal.  She can reach for a play with toys appropriately.  She can roll over from front to back and sits up really well.  She cut a tooth (today) and started solids this week.  We have watched our baby girl come back to us! Despite being on a ridiculous amount of steroids (40 mg/day), she is so sweet and joyful every day.  Now, the steroids are having the effect of preventing much sleep at night, but this just seems to make Momma grumpy.  :)  I remember being blown away by how well she slept from her first day on this earth, always giving me a couple of 3-4 hour stretches every night.  I long for those newborn nights now.  Also, the steroids are an immuno-suppressant, so we have been staying in our little nest as much as possible.  Even so, she gifted the family the flu right before Christmas.  Thankfully it was short-lived and surprisingly mild.  I am so thankful that the meds and other therapies seem to be working, but I will gladly bid Mr. Prednisolone good riddance when he is no longer necessary.

Join with us in praying that the EEG confirms what our eyes see: that she is, once again, a healthy baby girl.  No matter the outcome, all glory to God.

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