Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ressurection Weekend

Yes, I know, I'm back-blogging! We travelled up to Kentucky to spend Ressurection weekend with (part of) my family. My brother Rob and his wife Michelle live there, along with Callie's only three cousins, Joshua, Laura Beth, and Anna Grace. (We do have two new cousins joining us this year, though!)

First we got to attend the Secret Church via simulcast, which was awesome. We spent the rest of the weekend baking, playing, hunting eggs, overindulging in delicious dinner, and the like.

On the trip up to Kentucky, we pass right through Nashville, so we decided to call our friends Chris and Shelley to have a quick visit with them! They were some of our first friends in Birmingham. Back before any of us had kids, we used to spend so much time together watching football and playing games. Now our little girls love playing together whenever we see them! We enjoyed meeting the newest addition to their fam, Jared.

After staying the night at their home, we took advantage of our McWane membership and the partner program it includes. We visited the Nashville children's museum, the Adventure Science Center, for some playtime before heading up to Kentucky. I love watching Caroline play in these types of places! Thsi one was exceptionally crowded, but still fun.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cruisin' and the Beach

We traveled down to Pensacola last weekend to visit with P's family and to go to the BEACH! We had taken Caroline a few times before to Pensacola Beach and Gulf Shores, but only during cold months. Actually, her first trip was in utero when I was 6 months pregnant. I went to Destin with my college suitemates, Erin, Bethany, and Liz (who was 8 months preggo):

And here is her next trip in January, 2009, at 5 months old:

The above trip is when I was accused of cruelty due to dipping her feet in the water, which (as you can imagine) is a bit chilly in January.

Thankfully, she wasn't scarred by the above incident. This was her first summer day on the beach, and she loved it! The water was pretty rough, but she loved going out and being held above the waves (that would subsequently crash into the holder's face, but sometimes you have to take one for the team). She also loved playing in the sand, of course.

Nana and Grumpa got her a pink Mustang convertible. She had quite a time cruising around the neighborhood! We also got several comments from onlookers about how cute she was in it. She doesn't quite have the steering down yet, but we'll work on that. :)

Callie Boo getting her nails painted by Nana:

Grandaddy, Grandmama, Philip, and me (aka Caroline's audience while she drove):

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looking Back

Today was Caroline's last day of her first year of preschool! Here's a flashback to her very first day:

She has loved going to school this year. She gets so excited in the morning if it is a school day. She loves playing on the playground (what kid doesn't?). Whenever I pick her up in the afternoon and ask her what she did, she always recounts her lunch item by item first. She then proceeds to tell me whether they played in the gym (rainy/cold days) or the playground, and what color car she rode in (red/pink). I was somewhat apprehensive about putting her in this year, but it has been great for her. She started the year as such a terrified, shy two year old who said exactly six words (Mama, Dada, ball, car, "nuk" (milk), and "nana" (banana)). Now she likes to show off her sandals to whomever is next to us in the grocery store (as long as it isn't a large man with a beard) and can carry on pretty hilarious conversations. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Caroline: "Mommy, I have a baby in my belly!"
Me: "Really? Where did it come from?"
Caroline: "God!"
Me: "Really?"
Caroline: "Yes! I went in my heart and asked God for a baby in my belly!"

Although her speech has drastically improved, she still is a two year old with unique pronunciation abilities. If she is with someone else and they don't understand her, she will say, "I wanna call Mommy," aka Translator via Cellular Device.

Another habit she has developed is the "when I get a little bigger" reference. For example, "When I get a little bigger, I wanna have coffee." "When I get a little bigger, I wanna cut with a knife." "When I get a little bigger, I wanna not sit in a car seat." There's also the "next time" phrase that she throws around a lot. "I wanna ride in a school bus next time." "I wanna eat my dinner all gone next time." "I wanna go see Mickey at Disney World next time." Someone (who shall remain nameless) must use the phrase, "Maybe next time," a lot. :)

She is also quite the music buff. When we finally got smart phones recently, C inherited Philip's old MP3 player. He loaded it up with "her" music and got her a small portable speaker. She carries it around the house and asks for particular songs. Often I don't know which song she is referencing, and she will then tell me the name of the artist so I can play it for her. If she can't remember the artist, she'll say, "I wanna call Daddy on the phone and ask him who sings that song!"

Well, there's a few things I wanted to remember about this year. Maybe one day I'll get it all in a scrapbook. For now, the blog will have to suffice.
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